We love contracts …

… ...and have done so for a long time.
Contracts have been made between people since ancient times. They form the basis of business relationships.

It’s time for a change.
Join us in the digital transformation and revolutionise the way you manage contracts.

Common challenges in contract management

You’d like to have an overview of all contracts for all areas of the business for all legal entities

You lack flexible workflows for approvals and reviews - ideally with a digital signature

Missed deadlines

complon® xECM for Contracts supports you throughout the entire contract lifecycle

With complon xECM for Contracts, businesses can take a company-wide best practice approach to managing contracts. Stakeholders can proactively and flexibly manage the contract lifecycle in order to implement innovative and evolving contract strategies. A centralised, auditable ECM-based control system helps avoid unnecessary risks, improves resource efficiency and enables staff to maximise contract value throughout your business.

Top of the league - Contracts within the business process

Contract management is more than just a spotlight view on a specific area of business. Contracts are an integral part of the entire business process.

Using contract management and having an overview of all contracts for all areas of the business for all legal entities within the company, you will be competing in the top leagues.

Integration in leading systems

SAP® S/4 HANA, SAP® ERP, Salesforce®, OFFICE®365, web browsers. It is possible to integrate several SAP systems.

Flexible and intelligent review and approval workflows

Even the most complex contract processes can be automated using simple and flexible workflows in order to eliminate bottlenecks and avoid the need for manual intervention.

Electronic signature integration

Create an end-to-end digital experience for you and your contractual partners. Conclude business transactions quickly and securely and save time with faster work processes.


Content reporting with Excel integration complements your BI tools, and automated reminders inform procurement staff in advance of important upcoming contract deadlines and dates.

Personalised views and dashboards

All the key information you need at a glance on your personalised start page and customised dashboards.

Intelligent search

Contracts often take a lot of effort to negotiate. Finding contracts should, however, be as easy as possible. Features such as a “Google-like” full text search, search for clauses and metadata, personal search templates, filters, columns, options for sorting, etc. make finding information extremely fast.

Automated contract generation

Quickly and easily configure your contracts and documents using templates, wizards and text modules.

Compliance and information security

GDPR compliance, records management, archiving

Ready to use - preconfigured file templates

Preconfigured files for suppliers/business partners, customers, contracts, framework contracts for more than 100 different types of contract.

End-to-end process and data models

Using our solution, your contracts, annexes and attributes are structured and stored in a uniform manner in all of your business applications. End-to-end from sales to procurement and servicing.

complon xECM for Legal

Get where you need to be more quickly thanks to structured and automated documentation.

Proven competence

Satisfied enterprise customers put their trust in our long-standing process, technological and integration competencies in Enterprise Content Management and Digital Contract Management. We are certified partners for well known software companies such as OpenText and SAP, and our solutions have received multiple awards, including the BME seal of quality.

Find the right solution for your contract management needs

Every business has its own specific requirements for digital contract management. Get in touch and we will work with you to find the right solutions for your needs.